Rooms & Holiday Houses

Grand-Mère, Antoinette, La Tante, La Tour are the names of the four guest rooms, on the second floor of the main house (no elevator).

Decorated with antique furniture, all four of them have been tastefully designed to match the mansion style.

Each of them has its own bathroom and restroom.


Accoglie 3 persone - 30 m2

The room "Grand-mère" has a very good size (30m2). It has a double bed and a single bed. The room is large enough to accommodate an extra bed or... Vedi altro


Accoglie 3 persone - 20 m2

The room "Antoinette" takes its name from the name of the grandmother of the owner; the rest of his wardrobe and his wedding bed equip the... Vedi altro

La Tante

Accoglie 2 persone - 25 m2

The room "La Tante" also draws its name of a grandmother of the family. Stretched freshly from a wallpaper of inspiration "Toile de Jouy" of clear... Vedi altro

La Tour

Accoglie 2 persone - 20 m2

"La tour" is called because the bathroom of this room is precisely located ... in one of the two towers of the castle. The walls stretched freshly... Vedi altro

Gîte La Noria

Accoglie 8 persone - 78 m2

La Noria logding “LA NORIA”, suited to accommodate 6 persons is on the upper level of a private court yard, with garden furniture and a BBK. The... Vedi altro


Accoglie 5 persone - 30 m2

Véritable petit nid pour amoureux, ce gîte dispose d'une pièce de plein pied et d'un étage. Au rez de chaussé, une pièce à vivre avec espaces... Vedi altro

La bergerie

Accoglie 15 persone - 80 m2

Ensemble composé d'une grande salle (90m2) équipée cuisine, espace repas et espace salon, la Bergerie permet d'organiser des haltes sur circuit... Vedi altro